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To improve the level of designing and manufacturing of the Mining Industry of China——NANCHANG KAMACH MINING CO., LTD.


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Has now successfully launched 0.6-8.5 cubic meters of underground internal combustion / electric scraper / battery scraper; 4-65 tons underground mine truck; low-profile scraper, mine truck; stone crusher; ScaleTec ST 45/74 /97 Prying trolley; rock drilling trolley; oil tanker, explosive truck, mining diesel engine blasting equipment transporter, underground lifting platform truck, underground material transporter, underground personnel transporter, underground sprinkler, underground concrete mixing transport Vehicles, underground maintenance vehicles, backhoe loaders, slag scrapers, roadheaders, riser drilling rigs (Ø1.2m~ Ø 6.5m), patio drilling rigs and other series of products

The largest underground trackless equipment production and innovation base in China, improve the design and production level of domestic trackless equipment, realize the localization of trackless equipment

Service Case

KAMACH products have spread all over the world, and have been promoted to dozens of countries such as Russia, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Nicaragua, Peru, Bolivia, Peru, Australia, Colombia, etc. Mining enterprises have improved efficiency and reduced costs, established a good brand image in the international market, and enjoyed a high reputation in the industry